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Free Extinguisher Training Seminars


Training seminars are free of charge; however, we do charge for the recharging of extinguishers that are used during the training. The recharge is at a special/discounted rate for training classes only.  This fee will vary depending upon the number of trainees attending, and the number of Extinguishers used.


Training will include proper use of a Fire Extinguisher, as well as individual hands on training. We will also focus on safety precautions such as: When and when not to fight a fire, how to go about fighting a fire and which extinguishers are used for the various types of fires.


Recharge of a 5 # Dry Chemical Extinguisher………. $25.00

Recharge of a 10# Dry Chemical Extinguisher………. $35.00


*All parts and /or miscellaneous items are at an additional cost as needed.

Examples include: V.O.S. collars, Valve Stems and O-rings.


Stop by –or-To Set An Appointment, Please Call.



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