CPR / First Aid / AED Combo Classes


Classes are taught by State Certified Instructors who are all local Firefighters, Paramedics and/or Nurses, who bring their expertise and experience to each class. All classes are taught in accordance with the American Heart Associations current standards and curriculum, and come with the American Heart two-year certification card.


CPR / First Aid / AED Combo Classes include training for Adult, Child, and Pediatric patients.


Combo Classes include training on …

Current CPR standards (All ages)                                   Emergency Scene Management                         

Choking (All ages)                                                  Bleeding Control / Splinting

Stroke / Diabetes (Signs and symptoms)                      Stings / Burns / Heat Exhaustion

AED (All ages)                                                          AND MORE……


Classes range between 2 and 4 hours in length, depending on the amount of students. The Price of the class, including the CPR Cards is $65.00 per student. Discounts applied for Group Classes…and Discounts for Customers of AA Fire Protection.


To schedule a CPR class, please call…

Lt. Scott McMillen

CEO – Northern Ohio EMS Academy

440-315-4025 (Mobile)

440-327-0069 (Office)

866-347-6869 (Fax)



Classes available for…CPR, First Aid, ACLS, PALS, AED, EMT and Paramedic Refreshers, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse, Blood Born Pathogens, and more…visit www.nohems.com