*How long does it take to complete the CPR class?

CPR classes usually take about 2-3 hours depending on the number of students in the class. Small groups may take a little less and large classes maybe a little longer.


*When will I receive my CPR card?

The AHA will only allow a regional training center to print CPR cards. You will receive a receipt the day of your class showing that you have taken and passed the course. You will receive your official CPR card from the AHA via email as soon as you have paid for the cards and the roster is reviewed by the AHA, usually within a couple of days.


*How long does certification last?

All AHA courses have a certification period of 2 years.


*What is the difference between Healthcare provider CPR and Heart Saver CPR?

CPR Healthcare Providers Classes are designed for EMS personnel, Surgeons, Physicians, Physician’s Assistants, Nurses, Dentists, and more. Individual students are always welcome!


CPR Heart Saver Classes are designed for all lay rescuers, particularly those who respond to emergencies in the workplace such as Life Guards, Educators, Child Care Providers / Babysitters, Parents / Foster Parents, Factory Employees, etc.